Captain French Surgery Call Recording Policy


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects personal information held by organisations on computer and relevant filing systems. It enforces a set of standards for the processing of such information. In general terms it provides that all data shall be used for specific purposes only and not used or disclosed in any way incompatible with these purposes.

In the course of its activities the Practice will collect, store and process personal data, including the recording of inbound telephone calls, and it recognises that the correct and lawful treatment of this data will maintain confidence in the organisation and will provide for successful business operations.

The Practice is registered with the Information Commissioner for all necessary activities under the GDPR.

Purposes of call recording

The purpose of call recording is to provide an exact record of the call which can:

· Protect the interests of both parties;

· Help improve Practice performance and best practice;

· Help protect Practice staff from abusive or nuisance calls;

· Establish the facts in the event of a complaint either by a patient or a member of staff and so assist in resolving it;

· Establish the facts and assist in the resolution of any medico-legal claims made against the practice or it clinicians;

The telephone call recording system in operation will record incoming telephone calls and internal calls and recordings may be used to investigate compliance with the Practice’s policies and procedures, to provide further training, to support the investigation of complaints, to ensure the Practice complies with regulatory procedures and to provide evidence for any regulatory investigation.

The Practice will record telephone conversations from its central telephone system. All call recordings are encrypted and stored on a secure email server accessible by Practice Management and the IT administrator (for mail inbox organisation purposes only) at [email protected]

Communicating the Call Recording System

The Practice will inform the caller that their call is being monitored/recorded for the reasons stated above so that they have the opportunity to consent by continuing with the call or hanging up.

This will be communicated to patients by:

· Publishing a summary of this policy on the Practice website

· Informing all patients in the first instance via a recorded announcement for incoming calls

Procedures for managing and releasing call recordings

The GDPR allows persons access to information that we hold about them. This includes recorded telephone calls. Therefore, the recordings will be stored in such a way to enable the Data Controller to retrieve information relating to one or more individuals as easily as possible

Requests for copies of telephone conversations made as Subject Access Requests under the GDPR must be notified in writing to the Practice immediately and, subject to assessment, he/she will request the call recording and arrange for the individual concerned to have access to hear the recording

Please contact the practice if you have any further queries surrounding call recording.